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My name is Carola-Dawn Louise (Brown) Deschamps. I have been also called November Rain or Novy. I'm a female and live in Munich, Germany, but before I moved to Germany I lived in Jacksonville, Florida; which was my home for 21 years. I was born on November 10th, 1970; hence, November Rain. Originally born in Texas, on Lackland Air Force base; which is located in San Antonio.

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My Father , as you probably already guessed, was in the military. An enlisted officer who rose to the rank Staff Sergeant. A very kind but strict man. I was introduced to "the world of fantasy" as a child by my father. Introduced to not only the magic of Disney but the arts of Boris and other fine artists. My father was a book collector and had rows of books. many of which were Fantasy. Walking down his collection was like entering another world, with paintings and posters of fantasy to books like the Hobbit (A book which is not only my favorite but highly recomended for those who have not yet read it. :)

My sister is 2 1/2 years younger than me. She is very special to me. She was my best playmate.We would play with our dolls and stuff animals , but our favorite game was make-believe. As children we had a great imagination. We made up some characters for ourselves and for hours would jump on Daddy's sawhorse and pretend we were great warriors and sorcerors riding off to save a world filled with magic and mysterious danger.

The most special person in my life was my Nana, Elouise Elma Hunt. I was suppose to be named after her but because she hated Elouise she insisted they name me Louise.

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My family moved to Jacksonville when I was 6 years old from Tampa, Florida. I was a "straight A" student and sang with the school chorus for 9 years. At the age of 17 I quit school and got married to Ronald Louis Gosnell, Jr. (February 20th, 1988). On August 20th, 1988, after 6 hours of labor I gave birth to a beautiful 8 pounds 14 3/4 oz boy. We named him Ronald L. Gosnell III. On November 2nd, 1990, after 10 hours labor, I got an early birthday present: a 9 pounds 9 1/2 oz girl. We named her Loretta Ann Gosnell. On September 22nd, 1998, after 10 years of ups and downs, my marriage was dissolved.

Starting over was not easy. If it wasn't for my current husband and the love of my life. I am not sure how I would have made out. Denis is french. The question most people ask is, "where did you meet?" Well we met online and he was a friend in need. In late Sept. early Oct. 1998 I came to visit him here in Germany. In November of the same year he came for work related training to Jacksonville. After he left I decided to return to Germany as Florida did not have the feel of home anymore. On July 31 1999 Denis and I were married in Baugé,France.

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Another person who should be mention and is a very special person to me. My Fairy Godmother- Tea. She also helped me and continues to do so.

Some of my Favorite things: My favorite color is yellow but, I also like blues, black and cranberry or burgandy. I was involved in the chorus when I was younger and love music. I enjoy and have a tremendous appreciation for all forms of music, from classical to rock. Country, Broadway musicals, jazz and ballets; I love them all. I was first introduced to music by my Mom. When I was about eight we sat down together and watched The Sound of Music on a small black and white tv. It wasn't long after that I joined the chorus at my Elementry school and continued with the chorus through my Jr. and Sr. high school years. In the 7th grade I went with my chorus class to see Hello Dolly. My Mom also took me to see the movie Grease and rented MyFairlady. Later as an adult I got to see Hello Dolly agian with Carol Channing. I've also have seen The Music man, The Nutcracker Suiet, Lord of the Dance, Feet of Flames and listened to The jacksonville Symphony and The Rivercity (jazz) Band in concert. My favorite musician is Elton John and Pat Benatar.I may not enjoy reading as much as I do music and may not have read many books but I do have some favorites. My favorite writers are A.A.Millne, Tolken, Edgar Allen Poe and Steven King. I have read Winnie the Pooh, The Hobbit, The Tell-Tale Heart , The Raven to name a few.

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Through the last several years I have been on a Journey. The goal of this journey is to discover the one question, "who am I?" Although I am far from knowing I have made a few achivements. My first was to finally go back to school and get my High school diploma. I explored my creative side and had four of my poems chosen as a semi finalist and published. Sadly I later learned that the place was a scam. During my search for what I believed in, what I was interested in and who was the person I was to become Denis was as supportive and encouraging as one person could be. I began studying wiccan and found my spiritual calling.

I discovered that my back pains were caused by a congential disorder because of me being born premature. One that caused a number of problems including Scoleosis. This caused sever back pain and the Dr solutions wasn't appealing to me. The answer to my prayers came when I found Terra's ad for Yoga classes. I have been with her for years and the Yoga has not only benefitted me physically but has helped me mentally and spiritually. Yoga has opened doors of research and info for my spiritual growth. I became a certified Rekei Healer and went through courses and became certified in Thai-Foot and Thai-Aroma body massage.

I have not just made a spiritual journey but I have made some physical journeys as well. I have visited Disneyworld (of course- just a side note :) My favorite charactor is Winnie-the-Pooh.) and some other interesting places. Press the sailboat below to see my Journey page.

So far this is my life. It is full of ups and downs. I often feel like a small sailboat lost at sea. Enjoy the sunrises, sunsets and moonlite trainquility at times and holding on while I am being toss about by storms on other times.... So just as the ocean is vast and wide, so is the time left in my life. Hope you enjoyed this tiny sailboat small journey.



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